About Vision Tower

The Building

TVS designed an angled sail-shaped curtain wall, which assures a unique spatial layout inside the commercial building. Vision Tower offices range from 5,000 to 12,000ft² and are limited to the first 38 floors. And, because of its remarkable sculptural infrastructure, no two office spaces within Vision Tower are identical, but they've all been studied and designed to address specific workplace criteria and to maximize productivity. The office layout is able to fit the spaces quite well and with optimal efficiency.
The floor is screed with an allowance for soft flooring finish
Main door has a solid core, veneered on hardwood frames with hardwood architraves and brushed stainless steel lever handles, hinges spyglass, security lock and chimes
Pre-finished aluminum double glazed windows
With great city views, an advanced gym and parking lots for up to 1,420 cars, Vision Tower is a truly exciting business location.

The graceful glass forms of the tower are envisioned to reflect the elegance of Dubai and salute its success as one of the top developing regions in the world. The bent glass facade is the signature element of the project and will be internally lit to create a lasting image for the project.

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